Fox Racing 2017, FLOAT X, F-S, K, 3pos-Adj Evol LV, FOX, AM, 8.5, 2.5, 0.2 Spacer, CXF, RM, Climb M, Rezi CL, O

₱25,590.00 ₱15,354.00
  • FLOAT X shock absorber
  • Use: Enduro
  • Size: 8.5x2.5
  • EVOL body for better reactivity and sensitivity. The damping curve and significantly improved, the damper is more sensitive to small shocks. The progressiveness of the limit switch is adjustable by means of a spacer allowing the air volume to be adjusted. New internal adjustment improving the damping efficiency
  • Kashima finish allowing a reduction of friction.
  • Delivered without reducer
  • 3 positions (external adjustment)