absoluteBlack GRAPHENpads Disc Brake Pads. Disc 30 (Magura MT)


GRAPHENpads® - the new era of braking confidence and consistency is here.


Brake pads are the single most important part of the bike, which determines how confidently you can descend. The key element to their optimum performance is to keep the temperature of the brake pads and the rotor as low as possible (ideally below 400C), especially on longer descends. The hotter the pads get, the faster they fade, which means they lose the ability to slow you down reliably when needed. Overheated pads lose braking consistency and behave differently each time you press the brake lever, which greatly diminishes your braking confidence, effectively making you ride much slower. This is why Shimano introduced cooling fins to disc pads in attempt to lower their operating temperature.

The ideal brake pad will have the same predictable braking power, initial braking bite and perfect modulation throughout a long descend. After 3 years of development, we believe that we have achieved just that with our GRAPHENpads®. The results of the machine tests and thermal imaging show that we were able to reduce disc pad and rotor temperature by up to 35% vs competitors and completely eliminate brake fading.

Rotors are heated repeatedly to high temperatures exceeding 500°C, increasing the danger of softening of the rotor materials by tempering. Temper softening causes increase of wear and warping of the rotor and leads to reduced brake performance. For this reason it is extremely important to evacuate heat from the rotor-pad interface as fast as possible.


Magura MT 2, 4, 6, 8, MT8 SL & PRO, MT4 ESTOP | for MT TRAIL SL & SPORT - for the rear brake only.
Campagnolo Road Disc DB-210: for brake calipers with magnetic pistons only (no spring). NOT compatible with DB-310 calipers


Ceramic organic Performance friction compound containing graphene. Thermal coating containing graphene. We don't use copper or any heavy metals


All weather conditions

In the box

Two pads (1 set per wheel). Packed in reusable aluminium can