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Gaerne Carbon G. Stilo Limited Edition Road Bike Shoes

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The high-class model of Gaerne now in the Limited Edition. Very lightweight racing shoe with a lot of comfort and proven Gaerne technologies.
The Carbon G. Stilo Ltd. Edition from Gaerne is a technically first-class road shoe, which has thanks to the sophisticated Gaerne technologies excellent properties in terms of fit and comfort. Thanks to the new extremely thin EPS light-weight full carbon sole, which has nevertheless an excellent rigidity, will take place an optimal power transmission. The Closure System BOA IP 1 and the Diagonal-Closure-System ensure a perfect fit inside the boot and make it possible to bring the maximum force on the pedal. The high-comfort insole and the Air Ventilation System offer a comfortable climate in cycling shoes.

Overview Gaerne technologies

Diagonal Closure System

The innovative Diagonal Closure System consists of two BOA IP-1 micro adjustable reels and a Velcro strap. These three elements, independent of one another, are positioned laterally to avoid pressure points on the instep an, their combination allowed us to obtain a custom and fast closure.

Closure System BOA IP-1

The new BOA IP-1 reel has a triple functionality: to close the right shoe turn the reel clockwise and to open it turn counter-clockwise, the exact opposite is for the left shoe. Lift the reel to fully open the shoe. The new BOA IP-1 reel has a hexagonal shape that, combined with the rubberized finish, makes it the more effective grip.

EPS Light Weight Full Carbon Sole

The new full carbon sole EPS Light Weight Full Carbon Sole guarantees absolute lightness and rigidity. The ultra-thin thickness of the carbon allows the foot to be positioned at a minimal distance from the pedal, thus allowing maximum power whilst pedaling without loss of energy. Two channels positioned in the sole ensure perfect ventilation to the foot during use. Non-slip rubber inserts in the front and back of the sole provide security whilst walking. The rear insert is replaceable. Sole is compatible with all clipless pedals.

Hell cup

An anatomically shaped heel cap made of deformable plastic garanties better grip, is non-slip and stabilizes the tendons - for maximum power transfer. To be more visible even in poor lighting conditions, reflecting materials are used. Air intakes improve the temperature compensation.


The materials used are characterized by an excellent breathability and provide a perfect in cycling shoes.

Comfort Fit Tongue

The tongue is perforated to improve the air exchange. It is padded with a soft relining to ensures maximum comfort in the cycling shoes.

U-Control Heel System

With the U-Control Heel System Gaerne has developed an exclusive control system for the heel. Thus, the heel will be kept in exactly the position that is desired.


The new High-Comfort-Insole is ultra lightweight and offers great comfort, breathability and is replaceable.