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Motorex Chain Clean Degreaser Spray 500 ML


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Product description

Highly effective chain cleaner, for all types of motorcycles. O-ring, X-ring and Z-ring tested. Effectively removes encrusted oil and grease residues, etc. Regular use considerably increases the service life of the chain set! Then spray with MOTOREX CHAINLUBE.


Motorex Chain Clean Degreaser.

Highly effective cleaner for all drive chains.

Effectively removes strong adhesive residue.

Excellent foundation for optimal chain care.

X-ring and O-ring tested.

Reduces chain wear

Easy to apply


Shake before use.

Spray the chain well and leave to work for a short time.

Wipe clean with cloth and allow to dry.

Then spray with Chain Lube.


Item form Spray
Brand Motorex
Model Motorex Chain Clean Degreaser
Item volume 500 Millilitres
Unit count 500.1 milliliter