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Motorex City Lube Chain Lube Spray


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Chain lubricant for every conditions
Universal chain lubricant, especially designed for the demands of daily use. Protects the chain and derailleur against corrosion and reduced wear. Friction and chain noises are effectively reduced. Developed for continuous use due to the long lasting effect and also perfect to use for e-bikes and peddlers.

Apply product to dry, clean chain while turning pedals. Avoid contact with brakes the product may impair back action! Shake well before using.

Our Tip:
Apply the chain lubricant to the inner side of the chain. When doing this, hold a cloth under the chain in order to prevent the ground from becoming dirty. Turn the pedals evenly and slowly as you lubricate the chain (approx. four rotations are adequate). Remove excess lubricant with a cloth. Give the oil enough time to act – preferably overnight.