Bontrager Self-Sealing Presta Valve Bicycle Tube


Size: 700C x 35-44mm

Durable self-sealing tubes to prevent punctures.

Self-sealing to keep you rolling

Protect yourself from flats with these specially-designed Self-Sealing tubes that instantly seal small hole punctures. Premium-quality butyl rubber tubes feature a 0.9mm wall thickness for the perfect balance of weight savings and durability.

Product details

  1. 0.9mm wall thickness
  2. Specifically engineered formula instantly seals small holes from puncture flats
  3. 100% inspected for guaranteed quality
Size 26" x 2.0-2.4", 48mm 26" x 1.75-2.125", 48mm 27.5" x 2.0-2.4", 48mm 29" x 2.0-2.4", 48mm 29" x 1.75-2.125", 48mm 700C x 20-28mm, 48mm 700C x 28-32mm, 48mm 700C x 35-44mm, 48mm
Diameter 26" 26" 27.5" 29" 29" 700C 700C 700C
Width 2.0-2.4" 1.75-2.125" 2.0-2.4" 2.0-2.4" 1.75-2.125" 20-28mm 28-32mm 35-44mm
Length 48mm 48mm 48mm 48mm 48mm 48mm 48mm 48mm
Valve Presta Presta Presta Presta Presta Presta Presta Presta
ETRTO 50/61-559 47/57-559 51/61-584 51/61-622 44/54-622 20/28-622 28/32-622 35/44-622
Weight 295g 291g 381g 310g 353g 185g 219g 242g