Ergon Bike SM Enduro Comp Men


Technical Specifications

SM Enduro Comp Men

Art.-No.: 44071003
Use : Enduro
Weight : 245 g*
Size : S/M
Color : Stealth / Oil-Slick
Shell : Nylon Composite
Rail : CroMo
Cover : Microfiber
Padding : Orthopedic AirCell Foam
Side Flanks : Yes
Edge Protection : Yes
Gender : men specific
max. load : 264 lbs

PRESSURE RELIEF Anatomically adapted

The design of the SM Enduro Comp Men provides both ergonomically specific support and pressure relief for the male anatomy. Additionally, the design features a special anti-friction material at the rear of the saddle. This material reduces friction and allows the rider to easily change positions in a dynamic riding position.

360° EDGE PADDING All-around comfort

The saddle’s primary function is to guide the bike through demanding terrain. For maximum comfort, the entire outer perimeter of the saddle is padded.

AIRCELL CLOSED CELL-FOAM Optimal pressure distribution

The CNC-milled, closed-cell AirCell foam guarantees enhanced support and optimal pressure distribution. The flexible side wings of the SM Comp Titanium Men reduces pressure on the inner thighs and allows for optimal power transmission into the pedals.

FLAT REAR Maximum freedom of movement

The flat V-shape design and sloping rear of the SM Enduro Comp Men allows for maximum freedom of movement. You can change your seating position quickly and easily at any time through demanding terrain.

Men’s Health

The Ergon development team dove into intensive research on the topic of men’s health. In cycling, the main complaints come from the saddle. For men, an improperly fit saddle can cause too much pressure on the highly sensitive perineal are which can lead to both temporary to long lasting health issues and discomforts. Through extensive development and analysis of MRI and CT scans, numerous prototypes and test rides, the SM Enduro Comp Men was created to alleviate perineal pressures while supporting the rider’s performance needs.