Ergon Bike SMC Women


Technical Specifications

SMC Women


Art.-No. 44030050

Use MTB-Touring, All-Mountain/Trail

Weight 280 g*


Size M/L


Color Black


Shell Nylon Composite


Rail CroMo


Cover Microfiber


Padding Orthopedic Comfort Foam


Gender men specific


max. load 120 lbs


Completely new

The Ergon developers have taken a completely new approach to the topic of women’s mountain bike saddles. After intensive research with X-ray and CT analysis, they have created a new generation of saddles. Countless prototypes have been tested by both professionals and recreational riders. This feedback, in combination with scientific data developed a new generation of comfort for women.

Lower pubic symphysis

Anatomically, the pubic symphysis (anterior cartilage connection between the two halves of the pelvis) is about a quarter lower in women than in men. In addition, the angle of the pubic bones to each other is larger. These distinguished differences are taken into account with the development of the SMC Women in order to prevent discomfort in the sensitive areas.

Specific Relief

Due to the characteristics of women’s pelvis, women have suffered discomfort for years on standard saddles. The SMC Women alleviates sensitive soft tissue pressure with the tapered relief channel preventing numbness and pain. Alleviating this pressure better distributes the rider’s body weight more towards the sit bones while alleviated unwanted pressures in a forward rocked position.