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POD K4 2.0 Knee Brace


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POD’s new patented and medically certified K4 Knee Braces offer an affordable alternative to knee guards and are clinically proven to reduce the prevalence and severity of knee injuries.

K4 is the most versatile model in POD's range of knee guards. They can be used in everything from motocross and enduro to skis and snowmobiles. The first thing you will notice is its incredibly low weight. This makes them very comfortable to use and will not interfere with your driving in any way.

The frame is made of polymer and provides a really good and stable leg support, while following the leg's natural movements to a hundred percent. POD K4 is the ultimate choice for those who are tired of large and bulky knee guards, but still want one of the best knee guards (with support) on the market.

Impact Modified Lightweight Composite frames anchor to the hinges for optimal load transfer away from the knee joint, without compromising feel for the bike.

Our patented technology is proven to reduce the risk of knee injuries while delivering unprecedented levels of strength, comfort, reliability and performance.


CE impact tested & certified Full Coverage guards protect against impacts, handlebar strikes, plus enhance comfort when kneeling.

The impact guards are easily removable to convert the brace for multi-sport use.