La Sportiva Theory Womens

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Indoor performance shoe designed for perfectadaptation to the new shapes and volumes ofindoor climbing holds. Theory represents theevolution of the species: the extreme sensitivitycombined with high dynamism allows forunprecedented spreadability, adherenceand reactivity on holds.


Theory is the indoor performance shoe designed for perfect adaptation to the new forms of indoor-climbing holds. The shoe’s extreme sensitivity combined to high dynamism, allows for unprecedented spreadability on holds making it particularly suitable for use in the gym. Theory derives from the study carried out by La Sportiva’s R&D department on gorilla prehensile skills and the sensitivity of feline fingertips, combining the evolutionary analysis of the new climbing routes in indoor gyms characterized by very large volumes and extremely dynamic movements. The shoe is designed to release maximum strength and agility while maintaining maximum sensitivity on every type of hold. It has a new construction which uses the exclusive D-Tech™ (Dynamic Technology): the sole wraps the shoe sideways for a total absence of side edges, favoring dynamic support and spreadability on the latest indoor holds. The Vibram® XS-Grip2 sole with differentiated thickness at the toe favors the prehensity of the holds, while the lower volume heel allows for maximum precision in heel hooks. The rubber toe cap covers 90% of the front surface of the uppers to favor toe hooks while maintaining the adaptability for different types of foot shapes. The overall structure of the shoe facilitates volume compression on modern indoor routes and adherence on traverses and more technical passages thanks to the high adaptability. Finally, the upper hook&loop closure closure band, guarantees perfect tension regulation. Theory: climbing-species evolution!
Tech Info
Microfiber and suede uppers with a tubular construction
P3 System™
P3 System™
360 g per pair
XS GRIP 2 with D-Tech™ 3,5mm