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Knog PWR Sound

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The PWR Speaker is another piece of the PWR ecosystem. You can swap out our small and medium Power Banks to power your Speaker and other devices, like the latern or lightheads.

You can purchase this Speaker alone if you already have a PWR Power Bank, or you can purchase the Speaker with a small Power Bank, giving you a bundle savings.

For the Power Banks, simply remove the PWR Power Bank to connect another device's charge cable to the female USB port on the front of the PWR Bank and plug the other end of the USB cable into an available powered USB port. To charge the PWR Power Banks, use a micro USB input to charge through any USB port or USB wall plug charger. 


  • Modular design to work with Power Banks and other PWR accessories
  • Components are designed for the elements and splash-proof
  • Bluetooth compatible
  • Battery level indicator on Power Banks
  • Works best with small and medium Power Banks
  • 25m range for sound
  • Between 10-40 hours of runtime depending on volume and Power Bank