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Campagnolo Record 11S Ultra-Torque Crankset


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Campagnolo has always had a reputation for creating cranksets that showcase their Italian passion for design and beauty. The all-new Record eleven-speed crankset carries that mantle with total style. It’s impossible to argue that the new look of the cranks is anything less than a dramatic change. Hidden chain ring bolts, four-arm chain ring spider, and a generally aggressive look- it’s a bold move from the folks in Vicenza. 

More than cosmetic, the changes bring many improvements to the overall performance of the cranks. The new X.P.S.S. (eXtreme Performance Shifting System) takes the entire crankset into account, not just the separate elements. Shifting pins on the rings have been placed in specific locations to work with a given chain ring combination, ensuring that the chain moves from big ring to small ring perfectly, regardless of the chain ring combination. The profiles of the chain ring teeth have been equally scrutinized and are shaped to transfer the chain efficiently with each shift. System stiffness has been increased as well, further improving shifting performance. Ultra-Hollow crank arms  improve stiffness at the pedal, while the new four-arm spider with hidden chain ring bolts creates a much stiffer power platform, and obliterates the difference between compact and standard bolt circle diameters. When these features are combined with the Ultra-Torque axle, the total stiffness of the crankset delivers shifting that is always crisp, and puts every watt you apply to the pedals into the rear wheel. It’s like gaining an extra gear for free!

All that stiffness comes in a lighter weight system, further adding to the overall pedaling efficiency. Available in lengths of 170mm, 172.5mm, and 175mm with chain ring combinations of 53/39, 52/36, 50/34, there’s a Campagnolo Record Eleven-Speed Crankset perfect for your dream bike.