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Gaerne SG12 - Grey/Yellow/Black


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The Gaerne SG-12 is still one of the best motocross boots in the running. With many years’ experience Gaerne broke through with a unique design. The SG-12 contains a patented Dual Pivot System which was developed by Gaerne. The first pivot is mounted to the side of the boot and provides strong lateral support. A sliding element mounted on the back of the boot ensures that the ankle and the lower leg will remain in a straight position. The Dual Pivot System ensures that the boot moves with the rider. The SG-12 uses lightweight alloy buckles that attach to an adjustable strap. In addition, the SG-12 contains a slim nose for beautiful design, but more importantly, this offers a better feeling during shifting. “Memory foam” on the inside of the boot guarantees that the boot will always have perfect fit. The sole consists of a double composite rubber which ensures that shocks will be absorbed. This combination makes sure that the SG-12 offers a lot of protection while still remaining to be comfortable.

Features Gaerne Motocross Boots SG-12:

  • Dual Pivot System
  • Styled with Swiss breathable fabric called ACRONOS; very stretchy, but has the perfect shape to keep out sand
  • The nose has a narrower shape and is reinforced for increased safety and better feeling
  • The heel is designed to absorb shocks
  • The entire nose consists of a new plastic material which is lighter and offers more comfort
  • The shin plate is anatomically shaped for a perfect fit
  • By removing three screws of the shin plate space can be created for a bigger leg or knee-brace
  • The SG-12 uses four lightweight alloy buckles that attach to an adjustable strap
  • The inside of the boot is made of a brand new rubber called "grip guard". This type of rubber is heat resistant and provides grip
  • The inside of the boot contains “memory foam” which takes the shape of the foot. This offers perfect fit