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SmellWell-Shoe Freshener and Deodorizer


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  Makes your stuff SmellWell
  • Effective odour Eliminator: this natural shoe deodorizer inserts remove any smells while leaving a fresh scent and act as a moisture absorber all in one
  • Moisture absorber: our Swedish blend of activated charcoal and minerals, developed by chemists, absorbs moisture which removes the environment where smelly bacteria thrives in
  • User friendly: place the SmellWell activated charcoal odour absorber in shoes, sports gear, lockers and closets overnight and enjoy a pleasant refreshing scent
  • 100% Natural: SmellWell is made of miso bamboo charcoal. Gentle with the environment and your shoes. Place the air purifying Bags where air can circulate to keep them fresh. Lasts up to 6 months