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Speedbox 1.0 for Brose Specialized


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SpeedBox 1.0 for Brose Specialized stays active after being installed in your bike, so you don’t have to worry about turning it on and off!

Brose Specialized display shows real values up to 13mph (22km/h). Then the speed indicator gets stabilised and keeps on showing the same value even at higher speeds. The motor's electric assistance switches off when reaching 30mph (50 km/h).


How does it work?

All kinds of e-bikes with mid-drive have a speed limit of 16 mph (25 km/h), which is set during their production. The motor normally turns off at this speed. By installing our SpeedBox chip you can easily remove this unpleasant speed limit and make your bike go faster. The top speed of your bike will then depend only on your pedaling frequency so that you can enjoy the excitement of your ride to the fullest.

SpeedBox 1.0 tuning kit enables to suppress the speed limiter on your electric bike. 


How to Install?

Anyone can install the chip to an e-bike with some basic tools! When connecting the SpeedBox chip to an eBike you will need to cut the wires of your ebike speed sensor to connect the Tuning kit. We have prepared detailed instructions and videos  here in the product page to make installation easy for you in the comfort of your home. Disassembly of our tuning chip is just as easy.

If you are planning to install SpeedBox on a brand-new bike, make sure you ride it for at least 1mile (1 km) before the chip is activated.

Also the manual comes with a SpeedBox tuning kit.


Is it compatible with Speedbox App?

No - SpeedBox v1.0 for Brose is not compatible with the app.