Specialized SWorks Trivent Road (without warranties of any kind)

₱22,600.00 ₱6,780.00

 When time is of the essence (which is all the time when it comes to triathlon, right) you need shoes that won't let you down in transition.

Not only that, you need shoes that deliver peak performance when you get out onto the road, and that's why we designed the S-Works Trivent for the pinnacle of the sport, with the pinnacle of shoe engineering to go with it.

When it comes to a perfect triathlon, there are two chances for your shoe to race - getting onto your feet and getting your power through the pedals. With the first part of that in mind, the Trivent benefits from our Tri-Specific Drawbridge closure system that sweeps all before it by leaving the heel of the shoe open ready for entry in transition, with the Launch Clip keeping the shoe level for a start as fast as you can manage.

We've matched this with a stiff, efficient carbon fibre sole, a construction that regulates temperature and Body Geometry ergonomics so we can give you the performance package you've always wanted, bringing you two steps closer to your fastest ever time.