Speedplay SYZR Cleats

The Speedplay Syzr Cleats are replacement cleats for Speedplay Syzr Mountain Pedals (Syzr pedals with stainless steel spindles: SP-SSS, Syzr pedals with titanium spindles: SP-STI). These cleats are just what you need for replacing worn Syzr cleats or for outfitting another set of mountain shoes with cleats for your Syzr pedals.

The Speedplay Syzr mountain pedals are the culmination of a multi-year R&D effort to develop the ultimate, made-to-go-anywhere clipless pedal system. Speedplay created Active Cleat Stabilization Technology to improve the precision of the pedal/cleat connection and eliminate the slop and lateral instability common to off-road pedals. Another first for off-road pedals is the Syzr's patented Micro-Adjustable Float Technology. By designing an adjustable pivot mechanism directly into the cleat, Syzr pedals are the only off-road pedal system to provide a user-customizable, 10-degree range of float. Cleat set-up is easier, too, since there is no need to reposition the cleat to make angular adjustments.
  • Compatible with Speedplay Syzr mountain pedals
  • ACTIVE CLEAT STABILIZATION: Self-tightening, cinch-down cleat connection ensures unsurpassed lateral foot stability. Syzr pedals are the only off-road pedal design to provide the superior platform stability of a road pedal.
  • TRUE MICRO-ADJUSTABLE FLOAT: Micro-adjustable, 10-degree float range makes cleat set-up easy. Unique, pivoting cleat provides smooth, non-recentering, knee-friendly float.


  • COMPATIBILITY: Speedplay Syzer mountain pedals
  • BOLT PATTERN: 2-bolt