Speedplay Zero Chrome-Moly w/ Walkable Cleats


If the Zero Chrome-Moly Pedals with Walkable Cleats can be construed as "entry-level," it's only because they inhabit the most economical tier of Speedplay's roster. The Zero Chrome-Moly Pedals still have the more expensive models' zero to 15 degrees of micro-adjustable float, spring-free engagement mechanism, stack height as low as 8.5mm, and virtually unlimited customizability of three independent axes of adjustment. Their incorporation of a chrome-moly spindle means they do suffer a nominal weight penalty, weighing 108 claimed grams per pedal compared to 103g for the next pedal in the lineup, the Stainless model.

The pedals ship with one of Speedplay's latest innovations: walkable cleats. Anyone who's taken a garage-floor spill or done the slip-and-slide conga to the coffee shop counter knows the dangers inherent in spending time out of the saddle in cycling shoes. Speedplay eliminates this threat by replacing the hard plastic of standard road cleats and hardwood-destroying metal of two-bolt mountain cleats with the reliable grip of its rubberized Walkable Cleats. The high-grip housing doesn't interfere with clipping in and out, and it has the added benefit of protecting the cleats themselves during those inevitable times when you've forgotten to replenish your saddle bag supplies and a flat forces a hike on tarmac to the nearest LBS for tubes or CO2.

  • Pedals with effortless engagement for taking to the tarmac
  • Virtually unlimited float, fore/aft, rotational adjustments
  • Reliable steel construction is durable for long miles
  • Low-profile construction keeps you clear on tight corners
  • Walkable cleats make coffee shop stops a breeze